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Tue, Jul 25, 2017
  • NHQ-PM 2014

    Human Resource Performance Management System for National Head Quarters (NHQ). From January 2014 onward ...
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  • WF-BRE

    Way Forward Beyond Reengineering (WF-BRE) of Sri Lanka Red Cross Society. From September 2012 to December 2015.
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  • 180 Days Progamme

    180 days intensified capacity building programme for New Era - New Attitudional Changes. From October 2010 to March 2011.
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  • Phase Two

    New policies and strategies, core structure, core positions, staff re-appointments. From February 2010 to August 2010.
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  • Phase One

    The fundamental re-thinking and radical redesign of SLRCS processes. From August 2009 to January 2010.
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Way Forward Beyond Re-engineering

is a comprehensive guide for Sri Lanka Red Cross Society's National Head Quarters and its 25 branches for planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluating and reporting of Red Cross Humanitarian activities ensuring inclusion and the reconciliation to serve the most vulnerable communities  in Sri Lanka ...

Let Us Serve

WF-BRE Evaluation Guidestatus of humanitarian services

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  • Marking Scheme
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Humanitarian Principles and Values

Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality

Governance and management have to demonstrate that they are believing, respecting and following Red Cross and Red Crescent Fundamental Principles and Values as a member of the Global Red Cross family.

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Constitutional Adherence

The most valuable guide for the national society

Each branch has to make available a printed copy of the SLRCS Constitution, Rules and Procedures, Policies and Guides, Strategic Plans, Five Year Development Plan and way forward documents in order to provide awareness and understanding. It is the total responsibility and the duty of branch governance to make aware the members, volunteers and the management staff on the constitution and the above mentioned documents.

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Membership Development

Kekulu, Junior, Youth, Active, Supportive and Life are the 6 membership types

The minimum number of total membership of your branch should be 0.3% of the population of the geographical area under the purview of your branch. When the 0.3% of the population does not reach 450, the membership target is considered as 450 (3 divisions, 9 Units 9 x 50= 450). 10% of the Total no. of membership is the minimum required Volunteers for a branch).

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Good Governance

This talks a lot about the LEADERSHIP

Good governance is one of the most crucial criteria to select the best branch, Best branch Chairman, Best BEO and other best performances of the SLRCS, and Some of the key criteria to be reviewed are as guilty of offense/s committed by the branch governance, no of branch committee meetings held, availability of signed branch committee meeting minutes, level of awareness and understanding on SLRCS policies and guidelines etc.

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Management Excellence

Efficient and Effective Humanitarian Services

Director General of SLRCS will undertake 360 degree formal performance appraisal periodically for the management staff of NHQ and Branches. Some of the key aspects to be considered are status of cooperation with the branch chairman and the branch committee, status of understanding on SLRCS policies, guides, structure and the operational modalities, proper management of branch resources without wastage, auditing all activities of the branch etc.

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Red Cross Activities and Services

Creating Universal access to HUMANITARIAN services through Volunteerism

The followings are the fundamental activities to be carried-out by each branch without the availability of NHQ supported projects, funds, loans or other direct supports which does not get each branch in an equal way. The responsibility of the branch is to plan implement, monitor, evaluate and report the below mentioned Red Cross activities with utmost care. 

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Programme Focus

Knowing Risks, Vulnerabilities and the Capacities

Health, Disaster Management (DM), Organizational Development (OD) and Principles & Values are the present core programmes in SLRCS. However, SLRCS focuses and emphasizes on holistic and integrated programmes to enhance the ownership results impact and sustainability. Therefore, the responsibility of the branch is to maintain the records related to those aspects. 

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Programme Focus

Project Fundraising and Income Generation Ventures.

Under this category, both project fundraising and income generation are to be considered. Project fundraising means objective based fundraising. Raised funds can be utilized only for the said purpose or the objective. Only branch initiated activities will be considered for scoring. NHQ supported fundraising activities (Project grants, loans etc.) will not be considered for scoring.

Income Generation project means generating funds doing business activities. Net income or the net profit of those funds can be used for any humanitarian activities decided by the Branch Committee as per the constitution, rules and procedures, policies and guide etc. Only branch initiated IG activities will be considered for scoring. NHQ supported IG activities with grants, loans or joint ventures etc. will not be considered for scoring.

For more details on Red Cross Resource Mobilization strategies, tools and techniques refer FedNet.

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Network and Partnerships

This is one of our core STRENGTHS as a global family of Red Cross

Each branch (both governance and management) has a great responsibility to network with related district / national level organizations (government, private and NGOs etc.) in order to build partnerships to assist vulnerable communities more efficiently and effectively with possible resource sharing to achieve synergy. Some of the examples are status of district level membership / participation in network / associations/forums, etc. This may be useful to build up the Red Cross image among the general public in the respective area.

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This is how the Society sees the SLRCS

Guilty of offense/s committed by the branch (governance or the management) related to any matter with the special emphasis on financial transparency of the branch. Concerns may come from the general public, beneficiaries, other organizations, partners and the NHQ. Status of the branch audit reports including IG activities, project fundraising, the way utilizing branch initiated funds and availability of all supporting documents.

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Red Cross Image and Visibility

This says many about how the Society involve with the Red Cross

Status of promoting the proper use of Red Cross Society Emblem by external agencies and status of proper use of Sri Lanka Red Cross Society Emblem by the branch.

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Annual Plan and Branch Profile

This is Your Way Forward

Each branch has to upgrade its profile annually (with all the details as per the attached format). As an application processing fee each branch has to pay to Rs. 2,000/- annually. Highly performing and capable branches are encouraged to contribute national level Humanitarian efforts as per their capacity. Some of the potential areas for such contributions are for the scholarship fund, emergency disasters, helping other branches etc. Those contributions can be done at any time of the year.

Annual Plan: All branches should prepare their own annual Plan of Operation for each year. The plan should be submitted on or before 31st of December in each year, to Hon. President and a copy to Director General.

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Humanitarian Innovations

The only way to be more capable and competitive

Purpose of this component is to promote and encourage innovations to provide efficient and effective humanitarian services for the vulnerable people. These innovations might be a concept, model, training, product, methodology, approach etc. Those innovations introduced from 2013 will only be considered and previous innovations will not be considered.

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Monthly Grading Score will be calculated in each month based on the marks obtained by each branch for the respective month. Proportionate to the annual branch grading score, the monthly branch grading marks will be generated and A, B, and C grades will be auto created in the system. Therefore, each month the scoring limits will be changed accordingly.

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New Era - New Attitudional CHANGE

SLRCS Milestones

Watch SLRCS President's SpeechWatch Sri Lanka Red Cross Society - President's Speech Watch IFRC Secretary General's Speech Watch IFRC Secretary General's Speech


Change Yourself It is the true start SLRCS